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The Newtek Advantage

Real-Time Business Intelligence

The Newtek Advantage brings your website’s traffic details directly to you.

  • Discover where your customers are coming from
  • Find out which means and methods are used to find you
  • Determine how customers interact with your site
  • Gain insight into the consumers’ experience and use the
    information to grow your business!



Real-Time Digital Transaction Data

The Newtek Advantage is an industry first. Instead of waiting idly by until the
end of the day to measure your performance, now you can monitor live credit
card transactions whether you’re in the office or on the road.

  • Receive real-time credit transactions – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.
  • Virtually all payment methods accepted – credit, debit, gift card, etc.
  • All returns
  • All chargebacks
Real-Time Digital Transaction Data


Website Statistics

  • Enjoy access to total Pageviews per day
  • See total visitors
  • Of these visitors – see how many were unique, first-time guests
  • Discover where your customers are coming from
  • See what search term(s) your customers use to find you
  • Learn what visitors did once they arrived
  • View sales campaign successes and failures
  • Understand how advertising or site changes affect your bottom line
  • Use the information to make actionable improvements!
Website Statistics



The Newtek Advantage works on all operating systems and
mobile devices, making it the perfect solution for keeping all members of
your team informed.

  • iPhone/iPad (iOS)
  • Android (Google)
  • Blackberry (RIM)
  • And more!

All-in-one eCommerce Solution

The Newtek Advantage is the only of its kind, providing both live traffic
stats and real-time credit card transactional data. Newtek, “The Small
Business Authority”, is in a unique position to offer this groundbreaking
technology because we are the only true all-in-one eCommerce provider.

  • As the merchant provider, the payment gateway provider, and the web
    solutions provider – Newtek can do it all under one roof:
    • Merchant Provider: Your merchant account to collect your sales revenue
    • Gateway Provider: Allows money to be transferred between
      merchant account and customers credit card
    • Website Host: Your website management provider
  • Domain Registrar
  • Shopping Cart Provider
  • eCommerce activity allows you to keep your business open 24/7
  • Broaden your client base with minimal initial investments
  • One Team. One Number. One Company.

All-in-one eCommerce Solution

The Real-Time Advantage

The Real-Time Advantage

Now you see why The Newtek Advantage is an absolute
essential for your eCommerce business.

  • FREE with all web solutions and eCommerce plans
  • See the big picture in real-time
  • Access digital payments as they happen
  • Gauge your performance with daily, week-to-date, and month-to-date drill
  • Use the information to build a better site!

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