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Deer Valley Data Joins the Newtek Family of Companies


Greetings Deer Valley Data customers!

Newtek is pleased to announce that Deer Valley Data and its Atjeu brand have joined the Newtek Family of Companies.

If you’re not familiar with Newtek, you’ll be pleased to know that Newtek Technology Solutions is a leading managed technology and I.T. infrastructure company that has been around since 1997.

Newtek’s technology operations are based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and have a data center footprint — with redundancy and backup — in Arizona, New Jersey, Colorado, London, and Singapore.

Newtek is a profitable and publicly traded company that owns and manages over $350 million in assets, and has more than 100,000 business accounts in its portfolio. You may also find it refreshing that Newtek is a completely open and transparent company. You are invited to download and read Newtek’s financials by clicking here: Newtek Financials.


What Does This Mean For You?
First and foremost, we can assure you that you will only see an increase in quality of service, technical expertise, and innovation. Whether you are a Deer Valley Data, Atjeu, or Newtek customer, there will be no immediate change to the way business is transacted. You can continue to count on service and support from the same customer team and contacts that you currently have. In the coming weeks, we will keep you informed of our progress as the integration process evolves.

We will also be upgrading your co-located and hosted systems to our state-of-the-art, tier 3 data center facility. In short, your services will no longer encounter some of the power and network-attack issues you have experienced in the past.


Welcome to Our Team
A dedicated team from across the organization will ensure that the transition period is seamless for you while seeking new ways to improve overall service levels. Our customer relations representatives are standing by to explain our additional services and to assist you in getting the most from Newtek. You can reach us, day or night, at 1-866-820-8910

And finally, your complete satisfaction is our first priority! We are delighted that you are now a part of Newtek and we want to hear from you. Should you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact a member of the integration team by sending an email to and we will respond promptly.

What You Can Expect From Newtek:

World-class facility features
  • Dedicated humidification system that creates optimal hardware operation conditions
  • Advanced temperature controls that ensure servers are always running cool
  •  Advanced cooling systems that handle high level heat loads, doing much more than AC alone
  • Onsite, third-party security with around-the-clock surveillance
  • Man-trap entry point that features bulletproof glass and weight-measurement technology to deter unauthorized “piggy-baking” into the facility
  • State-of-the-art biometric retina scanning
Enterprise-class network & network security
  • Multimillion-dollar network infrastructure with complete network redundancy at all key points, from peers, border routers, core routers, and firewalls to ensure your services are always online.
  • Multiple Tier-1 connectivity providers with redundant 20 GigE connections for a superior level of thru-put and uptime (in comparison, the Deer Valley Data facility has a 1 GigE connection)
  • An advanced DDoS mitigation infrastructure that can handle large-scale attacks, mitigating the issue before it impacts services in our datacenter
Other benefits you will receive at Newtek include:
  • As a public company that manages assets in the financial and payments sector, you immediately receive the added security benefits as a result of our heavy compliance requirements. Newtek is SOX compliant, PCI Compliant, and maintains a SSAE 16 certification.
  • Newtek’s support team is staffed by tenured system administrators. Put simply, Newtek doesn’t believe in help desk-level support. When you call Newtek for technical assistance, you will speak with a real system admin who is empowered to resolve any of your issues. If you have any questions, call us at 1-866-820-8910.
  • Newtek is a solutions-based company that is committed to helping you grow your business, reduce costs, and minimize risk. Newtek is Your Business Solutions Company: a provider of Business Financial Solutions, Payment Processing Solutions, Managed Technology Solutions, and Payroll & Benefits Solutions. You can learn more at

Information Regarding Recent Small-Scale Cyber Attack

We wanted to share with you some information about a recent cyber attack that affected a very small percentage of sites on our network and to provide some important information regarding customer sites on “legacy” hosting plans.

(“legacy” hosting plans refer to older hosting plans that are no longer available for new orders. Some of these legacy plans use software on the server that is no longer supported by the software vendor, which means the software does not receive any more software updates, including security patches.)

While we will endeavor to provide continued support for legacy hosting plans, and will continue to react as quickly as possible to security events such as the one we will explain below, legacy services are inherently more susceptible to cyber attacks due to the fact that the platform software is no longer supported by the software vendor. This includes, but isn’t limited to, old versions of ColdFusion, ASP.NET, and PHP that no longer receive software fixes or patches due to their age.

This also applies to any no-longer-supported web applications you might be using to power your website (for example, many popular content management systems running out-of-date versions are especially vulnerable).

We understand that some customers have limited ability to upgrade to newer hosting plans due to compatibility issues, and will require continued use of their legacy hosting plan. If you currently utilize a legacy hosting plan, we encourage you to reach out to your developer or I.T. team to review your upgrade options. Newtek can also assist with upgrade guidance and/or website development services. We offer a full range of newer hosting plans that feature currently supported software platforms (including plans hosted on Windows Server 2012).

The cyber attack that occurred was injection-based in nature, and resulted in unauthorized lines of code being injected into some customer websites. Based on our investigation, we do not believe that this code was particularly malicious in intent; rather we believe it was designed to post unwanted messaging or banners onto affected websites. The injection attack was successful targeting sites using out-of-date software on both the website and platform level.

We believe we identified the offending code and diligently cleaned all affected web servers.

See below for a listing of unsupported scripting languages and platforms associated with Newtek legacy hosting plans:

Unsupported Hosting platforms/scripting languages by its software vendor:

ASP.NET 1.1x
ASP.NET 3.5x
PHP 4.4.x
PHP 5.2.x
PHP 5.3.x
ColdFusion 5
ColdFusion 6.1
ColdFusion 7
ColdFusion 8
ColdFusion 9
SharePoint 2.0

Unsupported databases by its software vendor:

MSSQL 2000
MySQL – 4.1.x
MySQL – 5.1.x

Disaster Recovery Options Now Available for CloudVPS and Dedicated Servers

DatacentersWith data center facilities located in several, strategically located regions across the continental U.S., small businesses of all sizes now trust Newtek to deliver hyper-secure, redundant, and disaster-safe hosting solutions for mission-critical I.T. systems.

While solutions for disaster recovery planning traditionally fall under the scope of custom hosting configurations, Newtek now offers a simplified add-on option for CloudVPS and dedicated server customers. This option is ideal for budget-conscious businesses or I.T. teams looking for cross-regional redundancy and security.

For CloudVPS plans, the Disaster Recovery Option provides a completely replicated copy of the virtual server that is hosted in a secondary facility located at least 500 straight miles away. In the event that a disaster event occurs (or any occurrence that leads to a service interruption or outage), a DNS change would shift access to the system to the secondary location.

For dedicated servers, the solution differs slightly, but provides similar protections. Our team will work with you to determine which files you need replicated across the secondary data center location. Typically, an identical dedicated server configuration, including identical hardware, is provided at the second facility, but, depending on your needs, this can be customized.

Separate from the replication service that is part of the Disaster Recovery Option, Newtek also offers offsite backups that can be stored at a secondary facility (note that all Newtek data center facilities meet the same high security, compliance, and reliability standards), as well as customized, cross-regional load balancing solutions. Contact us for for a free assessment for this or any other need.


There is actually no charge for our new Disaster Recovery Option itself, which provides replication services on either CloudVPS or dedicated servers. All costs associated with this service are connected to the services you’re duplicating across data centers. For exact pricing, please speak to a Newtek business service specialist.

You can visit our CloudVPS or Dedicated Server plans at the following links:

Dedicated Servers

Hosting Sale Extended though July 4th!

Wow! Our Hosting Sale last week made us as popular as Franklin Barbecue, in Austin, Texas. This made us feel so good, we’re extending the sale through July 4th!

If you order between now and through July 4th, you can receive 50% Off Linux Web Hosting! Just use the Promo Code 2DAYSALE when you place your order.

Click Here to see our Linux plans

P.F. Chang’s Breach: Cyber Hackers Get More Than Just Lettuce Wraps, To Go

thWhile official word has not yet been given, sources say that P.F. Changs is investigating claims that thousands of credit and debit card numbers have been stolen from their myriad restaurant locations across the country.

Security researcher Brian Krebs suggests that the idea of “breach” first surfaced when banks realized thousands of stolen cards reportedly appeared on the same black market as did those stolen from Target during last year’s crisis.

Early indications seem to show that the card numbers were strategically pilfered fromChang’s between March and May of 2014. The Scottsdale-based national chain has not yet officially confirmed the breach, however, a spokes person did offer, “P.F. Chang’s takes these matters very seriously and is currently investigating the situation, working with the authorities to learn more … We will provide an update as soon as we have additional information.”

That being said, it is already projected that this breach will not be quite as severe as was the Target situation that impacted up to 110 million people. By the same token, it will likely be the largest since Sally Beauty was ransacked for 200,000 customer card numbers.

Maybe it’s time for Companies to seriously begin considering EMV technology.

Tips For Using Social Media To Find Job Candidates

socialmediaBy now, I hope we all realize that we should be constantly conducting ourselves on social media as though every person we might ever want to hire us is going to see what we post. Because, odds are, they will. Looking up someone’s social media presence is pretty much the second step after reviewing a resume when considering someone for a position. (Moreover, as technology folk ourselves, we thought it ought to be us who told you.)

That being true, there has been a great deal written about how to craft a personal brand via your social media platforms that will make you appear to be the ideal job candidate (hopefully without making you unbearably boring to your friends and family.) But what about making that employer/candidate connection from the other side? What if you’re a company looking for the perfect new employee – how do you go about leveraging social media to sift through the losers (I mean, let’s be honest) to find your dream candidate?

So glad you asked.

Decide how public you want to be

The most obvious tactic might be to simply post your job opening on LinkedIn, and share the link to the post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and wherever else your company lives online. There’s nothing wrong with doing this. The downside – and what nudges some business owners away from going this route – is that you will likely get an absolute flood of resumes. Some people love the idea of this – choice, hurray! – while others loathe the idea of trying to hire out of such a chaotic, time-consuming situation.

If you decide hitting up social media to shake out all the resumes you can get is the way you want to go, a few points to note:

  • Don’t have them sent to your personal email. Either create a dedicated email address for applicants to send materials to, or set up your email to route all submissions to a particular folder.
  • Consider hiring a recruiter. There’s a reason these people exist – to sort through the pile to bring you just the top candidates.
  • If you are looking to keep your employee search in-house, set up a process: appoint one person (maybe you, maybe someone else) to do the heavy legwork and pull out a short list of the best people for interviews.

If you opt to not publicly broadcast your candidate search

This is where you can take advantage of the fact that a lot of people are on social media almost exclusively to make themselves available, easily found, and appealing to potential employers. Here are ways to do that:

  • Get a premium account on LinkedIn. Honestly, it’s one of the only times when having a premium account is totally worth it. LinkedIn is a giant, glorified job board (sorry, LinkedIn, just accept yourself), and with a premium account, you get to do detailed candidate searches and send messages to people. This bullet point not sponsored by LinkedIn.
  • Ask around. Sounds too old school to be true, but it works. Let’s say you’re looking for a new web developer: ask people in your network who the greatest, most talented web developer is they know. Trust me – they will tell you. Even if the names you get are people with jobs they don’t intent to leave, talented people are magnets for one another – where you find one, you will connect with others.

Things you can do either way

  • Facebook has an option to create a job listings tab on your company page. Having that is somewhere in between actively advertising your candidate search, and keeping it completely off the wire.
  • “Respectful poaching” is a new thing where, as opposed to outright attempting to steal high quality employees from their current companies, you simply reach out to them and let them know that you like their work, think they have a lot to offer, and should they ever decide to consider options for the future, you would be very interested in being part of the discussion. Because that’s really the best thing about social media in terms of finding key hires – being able to follow people over time and pick your moment to go after them.

Oh, .wiki You’re So Fine!

HeyWikiAside from the obscure one-hit-wonder, 80’s pop singer Toni Basil reference (from which the title of this article is taken), by no means do we wish to diminish the ubiquitous impact of wiki. Wiki technology has literally created it’s own culture through its useful, reference-first approach. And now, it has its own top-level domain. (Is there anyone who doesn’t think this is a great idea?)

Powered by CentralNic, this clever all new namespace is the first of its kind – one that is intended to link together an otherwise diverse and unruly world of knowledge and resource. If you think about it – it kind of feels like the first step to an all new, better organized, heck, let’s just call it “collaborative,” Internet!

What’s in a Wiki?

For those in-the-know, a ‘wiki’ is nothing less than the universal language for online collaboration – a veritable platform to share “how-to,” specific areas of expertise, information, and ideas regarding a specific topic for those interested. So, the thought of adding this domain extension – .wiki – allows anyone to begin a wiki they may openly share to peers, colleagues, or anybody across the world who is mutually interested.

Think about it this way, if someone has the need to begin a development project – it absolutely should have a .wiki extension, plain and simple.

So who’s .wiki really for?

With credit given to Wikipedia’s traffic dominance over the last decade, everybody implicitly knows the concept of building and/or learning from a wiki – it is just that common. A wiki domain extension will be of particular value across high-use markets like enterprise, hobbyists, enthusiasts, developers, and of course, interested individuals from just about anywhere.

Heres’ how Wiki uses typically fall in line:

  • Enterprise – This is essentially a corporate or organizational wiki, typically used by staff members to self-educate on best practices, use to educate customers, develop new projects, etc.
  • Enthusiast – Fans or hobbyists that provides educational information and know how with regard to a specific area of interest.
  • Developer – These wikis are highly popular among the community as a powerful platform to collaborate/share ideas on an open-source or even a shared resource project.
  • Individual – Also known as a “vanity,” this type of wiki typically focuses on a person and in some cases a family.

What’s more, as a domain registrar, we are happy to be .wiki central. Just click here or call us at 1-877-323-4678  to order up your new .wiki domain today!

We’ve Got Your Back: Newtek’s Extended Support Services

Lady in Server RoomWe understand there are many areas and disciplines involved when it comes to managing and operating a web site or application.

So what do you do if you need assistance outside of your own comfort zone—or if you just don’t have time to deal with it yourself?

Well, you’re in luck: if you need a little help beyond general hosting support, we’ve got your back. While we may not be able to assist you with everything under the sun, if you need help with your site, making a configuration, or modifying a setting, our team is on staff to help. Better yet, our Extended Support Services are available to customers at below-market rates.


1.877.323.4678 |

Think of our Extended Support Services as your own personal army of Web Pros, here to assist you whenever you may need.  From simple website changes and email user set up, to more complicated tasks – such as application installations and database exports, Newtek’s Extended Support Services is a great tool in your arsenal for web success.

With Extended Support Services, our team can free you from the stress of many of your most common web master tasks, allowing you to focus your energy and time elsewhere. Speak with a support specialist today for a full list of Extended Support Services offerings.

Here’s just a taste of what Extended Support Services can do for you:

  • Website changes
  • Application installations
  • Email set up
  • Spam and content filtering configuration
  • DNS modifications
  • Database imports and exports
  • .htaccess re-direction
  • much much more!

Who’s got your back exactly? Meet our team.

New Custom Domain Extensions Now Available:

Secure Your Domain Extension Today!

New top-level domains are now available. Now you’ll have more choices when it comes to finding the perfect web address. The new domain name extensions are part of a wide roll-out to create more options for individuals or businesses looking to attract more customers online!


New Top-Level Domains offered by Newtek:

New TLDs

         ORDER NOW

What’s In A Name?

Let’s face it: it’s hard to stand out in the vast landscape of the Internet of today, especially when it comes to your web address. If your business (like most) was a little slow to the .com game, your URL might leave a lot to be desired. For years, the Internet has been limited to just 22 generic top-level domains like the familiar .com, .net, and .org. Besides country domains (such as .jp for Japan or .ca for Canada), general-purpose domains have been very limited.

Until recently that is. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization responsible for Internet governance, is rolling out an effort to massively expand the number of top-level domains (TLDs). These moves should have a dramatic effect on the landscape of the modern Web.

Just so you’re clear, a top-level domain (TLD) – also known as a domain extension – is the last segment of the domain name. A generic top-level domain signifies that the domain extension is widely open for registration to all users. The TLD is the letters immediately following the final dot in an Internet address. The TLD represents a significant element of the domain name, and is one of the key factors in improving the popularity of your site, shaping the image of your online presence, and boosting brand recognition among your audience. The TLD is representative of the domain’s type and purpose.

            In our Internet address, .com is the top-level domain name (domain extension); is the second-level domain name; and webservices is a subdomain name. All together, these constitute a fully qualified domain name (FQDN); the addition of http:// creates a complete URL.

Specialized domain extensions are especially useful when you are in need of alternatives to the domain you want to register. It’s likely that the domain you find most suitable for your website has been taken, and is unavailable for registration. So what do you do? Changing the first part of the domain may not be a welcome idea – you have already spent some time thinking of a truly awesome name that will be both user- and search-engine friendly. With the expansion of TLDs, you are now able to seek out an alternative domain extension without having to forfeit that winning idea.

Who’s making proposals for new extensions? One familiar name, Google, spent an estimated $1.87 million to submit 101 names last year (for example: .android, .youtube, .live); but in theory, anyone could propose a new top-level domain to ICANN – as so long as each proposal comes with a solid business plan and a $185,000 check.

Adding hundreds of generic top-level domains is intended to alleviate pressure on .com and other unrestricted domains. It will be easier for brands to obtain a memorable domain name as the pool of possible addresses is larger, and domain seekers won’t have to compete with the whole world. It could also reduce the misleading use of country codes. Further, hundreds of new domain extensions will expand the Internet namespace, allowing countless new name configurations. This will better connect people to the products, services, and individuals that matter to them.

The variety of TLDs available from Newtek, are an essential part of the services we offer.

Above, you can find detailed information about all new gTLDs that are available and waiting for you. ICANN will eventually add over 1,000 new naming options. The first seven – .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, and .ventures – are already live, and more will be coming online steadily well into 2015. Astute brand owners will take advantage of these opportunities to push their brand to new heights and carve out their own identity.

If you are a business looking to highlight your core service, or if your business came online too late and missed the opportunity to claim the .com of your dreams, you may be interested in picking up a new address.

Stand out, be seen. Secure your domain today.


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Newtek’s Website Sweepstakes! Enter Here for Your Chance to Win!

Newtek Web Services is excited to announce our Website Sweepstakes!*


That’s right, we’re setting up one lucky winner with a custom designed website and we will foot the bill for any design work of up to $2,500!

Our giveaway is running from April 1, 2014 – April 30, 2014.

There is absolutely no purchase necessary; all you have to do is enter here for your chance to win!

Our winner will be selected at random and announced on May 7, 2014. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the giveaway.

We look forward to creating your website!

 We invite you to take a peak at some of our previous designs here

*TERMS: “Newtek Website Sweepstakes” No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Simply sign up for your chance to win by accessing the web page linked within this email message and filling out your name and contact information. WINNER SELECTION: The winner will be selected on May 7, 2014, at random, from the pool of eligible entrants. The winner will be contacted by Newtek Technology Services via email. The winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize, or a new winner will be selected. PRIZE VAULE: The value of the “Newtek Website Sweepstakes” is dependent on the custom website design or development work requested by the winner. The value of the prize shall not exceed US$2,500 in billable web design/development hours, as calculated by Newtek Technology Services. The chances of winning are dependent on the number of entrants. GENERAL: Subject to all federal, state, and local laws/regulations. Neither Newtek Technology Services, nor its affiliates will have any liability whatsoever for any injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by any prize or resulting from acceptance, possession, use and/or misuse of any prize or participation in these promotions. Acceptance of a prize shall be construed as and signify the winner’s agreement and consent that Newtek Technology Services may use the winner’s name, voice, likeness, and/or prize information, without limitation, for promotional purposes without further consideration, review, approval or payment, where allowed by law. By participating in this promotion, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and the decisions of Newtek Technology Services, which are final and binding in all respects. Newtek Technology Services is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer or in administration of the promotion. ELIGIBILITY*: Open to US-based residents who are 18 years of age or older, or registered US-based businesses (50 United States and District of Columbia). Employees of Newtek Technology Services, or its affiliates, and their immediate family members and/or those living in the same household of each are not eligible to participate. The eligibility period to sign up for the “Newtek Website Sweepstakes” begins at 12:01AM local Arizona Time (GMT -7), on April 1, 2014, and ends at 11:59 PM local Arizona Time (GMT -7), on April 30, 2014.