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Resource Cards Makes a Beautiful, Useful Dashboard for Designers

For designers, developers, Resource Cardsand artists, having a good pool of resources is essential to working efficiently. Some people like to use browsers’ bookmarking tools to help save their favorite sites, others simply rely on google searches. I’ve recently started turning to Resource Cards, a simple, no nonsense site with beautiful presentation and easy navigation to the content I need.

Resource Cards makes a nice homepage, with gentle yet distinct design. You are able to select from a large number of resource types, such as Photography (stock photos), Photoshop (PSD project files), and essentials such as fonts, icons, and color themes. There are also sections for WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML CSS & JS, and many more useful web tools.

When you select a category, Resource Cards pulls a list of reputable, mostly free (I haven’t paid for anything while I’ve been using it) providers of the files you’re looking for. You’re then taken to their sites so you can browse and look for exactly what you need, but Resource Cards is still just a back arrow away (much quicker than a new google search if you decide to go from Fonts to WordPress themes).

I set Resource Cards as my default homepage in my browser, so it’s always there when I start up a new window. check out Resource Cards at and never waste time digging through search results for your design resources again.

Video Content Marketing: An Integral Piece of Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Why Video is VitalAccording to Cisco, video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017. If you do not have a defined Video Content Strategy within your overall digital marketing campaign, chances are you are falling short to your competitors and losing potential customers. Think about when you go to a website, are you more likely to read every word on the site or quickly search for a video which tells you what the company is about? The stats say most people would rather watch a short video than read.

If you are embarking on a Video Content Strategy here are some things to consider:

  • One video does not constitute a Video Content Strategy. In order to cultivate a following and optimal ROI, you need to produce several videos with diverse video content.
  • Why having your videos on YouTube is so important: YouTube is the second largest search engine owned by the largest search engine (Google). This incredibly powerful video distribution channel allows you to reach a wide audience. Correctly optimizing your YouTube Channel and each video gives you an important boost within the search engines. Finally, housing your videos on YouTube and placing a link on your website that will load from YouTube allows you to keep your website page load times fast, functional, and responsive. Housing your videos directly on your website will slow your site down.
  • Why utilizing multiple video formats to capture different viewers helps to bring attention to your video content: While YouTube is an incredibly significant and popular platform, to capture a full array of potential customers it is important to create video content for other distribution channels as well. Vimeo, Brightcove, and Vine are popular choices in the video world today.
  • Always keep in mind the audience you want to reach and make sure your videos are relative to your target audience. Determining your target audience is one of the first steps in creating your Digital Marketing Strategy. Once you know who your target audience is, creating your video content strategy around engaging, educational video content will establish you as a leader in your field, and increase your chances of having a successful campaign. Find out what your followers and clients want to see most: how-to videos, behind the scenes information on your company, industry related education, etc. All of this depends on your target demographic and A/B testing of video content you are producing to determine results.
  • Be creative. You wouldn’t want to spend the money to create a professional and engaging video only to have it fall flat because the material was not compelling enough to get clicks, would you? Creating the video content is step one; next, you must spend time creating an engaging lead-in statement to introduce the content and capture your follower’s attention. Being creative will encourage them to engage with your video content.

Need help designing and implementing a Video Content Strategy? Newtek Web Services is here for you. We offer full Video Content Strategies and the ability to produce videos on your behalf. Contact us today at 866.820.8910!

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Search Engine Rankings in 2015

Improve-Ranking-by-SEO-300x300As we approach new digital marketing campaigns for 2015, let’s review the best practices as defined by the leading search engines to help your local business rank within the search results.

There are many different localized organic factors which effect ranking, they can be broken down into the following categories:

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization allows search engines to crawl your site and tells them, as well as your website visitors, what the pages are about. There are guidelines and techniques to make sure you are coding your title tags, meta descriptions, alt tags (picture tags) and your H1/H2 tags properly to ensure visibility. Your load time of each landing page is also an important factor with ranking, so make sure your site is loading as quickly as possible and is hosted on the correct hosting package. Having the right hosting package (dependent on your business and the type of website you have) is key to site loading speed.

Directory Listings

Directory Listings, or ‘Citations’, are integral in your local search strategy. These types of links have been proven to increase local search engine rankings dramatically because they provide credibility for your business. Search engines reward sites that go the extra mile to be authenticated. If your business is listed in directories for your local chamber, locally owned business listings, or a city business index, these listings verify your business before they allow you to be a part of their directory. If a local newspaper writes an article about you or a well know industry blogger starts writing about your company, it gives your business credibility, which in turn gives you authority within the search engines.

Citations can get overwhelming; there are many different types of directories to apply for, each with their own process to establish verification. Keep the following in mind when choosing which directories may be right for your business: check out the authority rating associated with the directory, be sure to stay consistent with the information you provide across different listings, and make sure the directories are a legitimate platform for your industry and target audience.


Reviews are another crucial element that goes into your local search strategy, however, legitimate reviews tend to be the most complicated to obtain. Working closely with your clients and walking them through how to easily review your company on the best review sites will help ensure your business obtains a healthy amount reviews. A mixture of reviews on a variety of key sites is crucial to helping you achieve the results in your search rankings.

 Social Signals and Engagement

Social Signals and Engagement are ranking factors which bring influence to your site indirectly. When a website visitor is referred from a social media platform to your site, search engines monitor how long they are on the site, and whether or not they convert. It is important to note that more and more social media posts and blog posts are showing up in search results, making sure your content on your social posts are engaging and relative to your business is key as these go into the calculations for your rankings. Search engines are placing more importance on social platforms, looking at signals such as shares, likes, and overall interaction from sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Search engines are looking for relativity to your business and the people you are interacting with. Engagement will be a leading factor in search engine algorithms in 2015, be sure you are doing whatever you can to interact with your customer base across multiple social media platforms this year.


As we mentioned above, social media posts and blogs are becoming a central part of results. With your click-through-rates from your content influencing rankings, the content you produce needs to be relative to your industry. Further, the pages within your site you are driving them to (inbound links) must be engaging to the audience you are trying to attract. Having a content writing strategy in place is very crucial to your local search results. When your content writing plan is part of your overall digital marketing campaign including your social approach, it allows for a cohesive strategy of all your efforts working together.

Inbound Links

A couple of years ago, link building was the number one way to get you to rank above your competitors. In today’s world of search, that is not the case. Directory listings are the most effective way to bring quality links to your site. In order to gain other relative links for your business, we look at sources such as press releases, newspaper articles and guest posting which tie into an effective content strategy designed to attract news worthy content as well as educational content which will attract high authority guest posters/bloggers to write about your company on their blogs.

Are you trying to get your website to come up above your competitors in the search results for your area? Call Newtek Web Services today for a free competitive analysis at 866.820.8910.

The Importance of an Effective Content Strategy within Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Content-MarketingContent builds trust between brands and consumers. The content you create tells a story about your company and helps to establish you as a leader in your field. Any amount of small research will tell you content is an extremely important part of any marketing campaign.

The content you create is the basis of any of these campaigns and determines how your company is viewed by potential clients. Many companies realize content is important; however, most fail at creating a content strategy that will benefit those campaigns. Read on to learn more about some of the crucial elements which should be a part your Content Marketing Strategy.

Content strategy

Developing a defined content strategy is vital to the success of your campaign. Can you just set out to write a blog on a topic of your choice and achieve great success from that one blog? In most cases, you cannot. To achieve optimal results, you need to have a strategy defined regarding that blog topic, how it ties into social media, your search engine optimization efforts, keyword strategy, etc.

Along with have a defined content strategy, it is incredibly important to have someone who is able to oversee your content strategy to make sure all the content produced meets the overall goals of the campaign.

Content affects search algorithms

In an effort to improve user searches, the search engines make changes to their algorithms indicating what they want to see in content. For instance, the Google algorithm update known as Panda uses content quality as a key metric for how sites rank. Your content needs to be concise, yet long enough to give a full in-depth review of your topic. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, released in August of 2013, put an emphasis on search results coming up much in the same way that we naturally speak, as a result your content writing is going to be forced to adjust to these conversational searches.

Mobile content marketing

Mobile users are looking for “in the moment searches” so determining what type of content fits this criteria should be a big part of your content strategy. This is commonly known as having a mobile first thought process. Mobile users are typically looking to convert quickly and your mobile content should be tailored with that in mind. In addition, your website and email campaigns need to be fully responsive to mobile devices so your content is easily viewed through any platform.

Knowing your audience is as key as the content you are writing, and analyzing your audience’s mobile habits help to create useful content for your mobile users. You want to know the answers to the following questions before you begin your mobile content strategy.

  • How many people are accessing your site via mobile?
  • How long are they staying on the site?
  • What method of content are they coming from (social, newsletters, blogs, search results, etc.)
  • What content are they reading? Is it topic based or format based (blog, social posts, newsletter, etc.)


Last, but not least, are the importance of a well written headline. Even the best content will not get read unless you have an engaging headline. Dynamic, engaging headlines that show in a few characters what the content is about will increase your chances of the content being read.

Need help with designing and implementing your Content Marketing Strategy? Newtek’s team of experienced Digital Marketing experts can help you, call today at 866-820-8910

Elements of Organic Search 2014

organic searchOrganic search elements change often. To stay ahead of your competition, your company and/or digital marketing firm should be staying on top of the newest search guidelines set forth by the search engines.  These guidelines provide you with “best practices” you should adopt right now to increase and improve your visibility within search engines.  Here are the latest elements search engines are targeting; the inclusion of the following (or lack thereof) will have considerable impact on search ranking positions. These elements will also continue to be important moving into 2015.

Page architecture, or the organization of your page content, has been very important in search for 2014. Using an On-Page optimization tool, you can analyze the existing structure of your webpage and see your website’s data as a search engine’s spider sees it, allowing for better web page optimization. On-Page coding allows search engines to crawl your website affectively and directs end users to what each page of your site is about. While there are several different elements of On-Page coding, for 2014, your URLTitle Tags, and Meta Descriptions are considered by many industry experts to have the most direct impact on search results.

Title Tags

The Title Tag appears on the results pages just above the URL and also appears at the top of a browser. It defines the title of the page.

 Best Practices for Title Tags:

  • Depending on the font you use, each title tag should be no more than 56 characters long.
  • Title tags should be written with descriptive characters, unique to every page of your site.
  • Utilize important keywords towards the front of the title tag.
  • Google recommends title tags contain your brand name at beginning or end of each title.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions appear in the search results under the title tag and URL. The meta descriptions provide concise explanations of the content of the web page.

 Best Practices for Meta Descriptions:

  • Accurate meta descriptions, along with title tags, improve your click through rate
  • A meta description should target a unique keyword for that page, only appearing once in the description.
  • You should think of your meta description as a sales pitch for that page.
  • Your descriptions should engage visitors and encourage them to click through to that page.
  • Meta descriptions should include a strong call to action.


A ‘SEO Friendly URL’ is a term often used by SEO analysts and marketing firms to define a URL that provides a good end user experience. You want your URL’s to please both the search engine bots crawling the site, as well as web users who are visiting the site.  Your URL should be relevant, engaging, accurate, and descriptive; but it should also be as brief as possible.

 Example URL’s:

  • – We like to think this is a great example of a ‘SEO friendly’ URL. This address is static – meaning the contents of the web page stay the same unless the changes are hard-coded into the HTML -and contains keywords that a web user seeking digital marketing or technology services would be searching for. You can figure out what the page is about just by looking at the URL.
  •  – This is an example of a dynamic URL. A dynamic URL is a page address that results from the search of a database-driven web site or the URL of a web site that runs a script. This URL can be crawled by the search engines, however, does not offer the end user ease of use that a static URL offers.

Example from Search Results (Google):

Newtek Google Results

Further Considerations:

  • Rich SnippetsRich Snippets are the full lines of text under every search result. According to Google, they are designed to summarize the content of a page in a way that makes it even easier for users to understand what the page is about in our search results.
    • Examples of rich snippets in search results include ratings, reviews count, and price range. Utilizing calls to actions such as “see our hard to beat prices” as the call to action, encourages you to take a look at those prices resulting in a click through of the search result.
  • Video OptimizationYouTube is the number two search engine owned by the largest, Google.  Incorporating video into your website helps freshen up the content and helps increase the chance of user engagement.
  • Content Optimization  – Content is king was the most used Digital Marketing phrase of 2014.  Adding or updating your website with relevant fresh content will help it build or continue to grow your site’s authority within the search engines.  Utilizing a blog is a great way to do that. Having a blog installed on your website and blogging at a minimum once a week gives you an opportunity to create more fresh content, while at the same time educating your potential clients about your brand and your knowledge in your industry.  Context-based approach is crucial for content quality has been a huge element of search in 2014.
  • Social Signals – There is an ongoing debate as to whether search engines utilize data from social accounts to determine ranking for your website. With that being said, what we do know is social media pages are treated like any other page in the search results, if the search engines can crawl it then they can return it in search results.  Social Media platforms also have a direct correlation to the number of visitors to your website. By distributing content or sharing important information about your business via your social media platforms, you have the potential to drive more traffic to your website. Using social platforms is also another great way to put out and share more content about your business.
  • Back Linking – A well-defined SEO strategy should include researching and capturing qualified relevant back-links for your site.  The more relevant the link is to your industry, the more value it will pass to your website.

Sound Technically Overwhelming?

Call 866-820-8910 today for a FREE digital marketing consultation with the experts here at Newtek Web Services. We will be glad to review your website and provide you with a competitor analysis to give you a better understanding your business’ digital landscape. We’d also be glad to discuss or answer any questions that you may have about any of our online marketing services. Contact us today and let our digital marketing team take your business to the next level.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

digital marketingFor a business to succeed in today’s world, it is important to have a strong digital footprint within the internet. Therefore, when a business is defining its marketing plan, it must incorporate a solid digital strategy. Without a digital marketing strategy in place, new client acquisitions, brand visibility, and impactful revenue generating opportunities will likely be damaged.

Five Important Digital Marketing Elements To Consider

The five most important elements of a digital campaign consist of mobile considerations, organic search, social media marketing, content marketing and lead nurturing. All of these elements combined make up a cohesive digital marketing strategy. How you define these elements have a direct correlation on a successful campaign.

  1. Mobile Considerations90% of consumer transactions are started on one device and finished on another. (Neil Mohan, Google) Further, in 2014, smartphone and tablet sales grossly outnumber pc sales.  Learning what is possible with mobile and marketing to those users are crucial in today’s digital world. Every aspect of your digital marketing campaign should reflect mobile considerations.
  2. Organic SearchConsumers get wanted information online through a variety of methods, the most prominent being search engine results. The first part of getting your website in front of potential customers and clients is to correctly optimize your website. Optimizing your website correctly will help the search engines identify what your site is all about, and how it relates to what the user is looking for. Implementing a solid organic search strategy will increase your website’s visibility within the search engines and help drive more traffic to your website, increasing your potential for a variety of positive opportunities.
  3. Content MarketingContent is a major driving factor in a digital marketing strategy. Utilizing a blog on a site is a great way to help provide visitors with fresh and relevant content. This will help lead to an increase in site visitors, user engagement, which both work to drive conversions. Creating new and impactful content for your website also creates business authority. Through proper content marketing strategies, you can establish recognition as a leader within your business vertical.
  4. Social Media MarketingSocial media marketing is a great medium for a business to build and increase brand presence throughout the Internet. It also provides a very powerful tool to share information and distribute content about products and services. Utilizing a variety of social media platforms creates new opportunities to interact and connect with potential customers and clients.
  5. Nurturing Website Visitors & Email MarketingStatistics say that only 1-3% of website visitors make a buying decisions the first time they come to a website.  When your digital marketing campaign is driving qualified traffic to your website, what do you do with the remaining 97% of visitors who did not buy from your site the first time around?  This is where a strategic email marketing campaign helps to provide an ROI to your company. Marketing research shows that over 65% of consumers are inclined to make a purchase in association with a well planned email campaign. Remember, the majority of emails opened today are opened via mobile device. So be sure that all email-marketing efforts are mobile-ready.

Start A Digital Marketing Campaign Today

Call 866-820-8910 today and get started on a successful digital marketing campaign with Newtek Web Services. Our digital marketing experts will collaborate with you and tailor a specifically designed digital marketing strategy to increase your company’s web presence and take your business to the next level.

We’re Here to Help: Newtek Professional Services

iStock_000018278455SmallAs a small business-centric company, we understand that many of our customers face limited personnel, budgetary, and technology resources. This is why we offer a range of professional services to address various needs beyond the core technology products we provide and support.

It’s important to note that when we say professional services, we are not referring to general customer and technical support – if you have an issue or need assistance with something, our customer and technical support teams are always available, 24/7/365, at no additional cost. That’s a benefit you receive as a customer. But if you need help beyond that – if you need help manually installing an app, or configuring your server, or redesigning your website, or need someone to setup and configure new email accounts (and so on) – our teams of professionals are here to help at an affordable rate.


1.877.323.4678 |

Types of Professional Services, with examples:

Web Design and Development

  • Custom-built websites or applications
  • Website modifications/improvements
  • Budget-friendly business websites

Digital Marketing

  • Search engine marketing/optimization
  • Digital advertising

Server Work Requests

  • Application installs (must be applications/software our engineers have experience working with)
  • Server configurations
  • (Servers with the Managed Server Care Bundle receive 3 hours/month of work requests at no additional charge)

Server or Website Migrations

  • Moving from on-premise to off-premise systems
  • Moving from one hosted system to another
  • Moving a website from another hosting company to Newtek

Extended Support/Concierge Requests

  • Application installations
  • Email setup
  • Spam and content filtering configuration
  • DNS modifications
  • Database imports and exports
  • .htaccess re-direction
  • much more!

Bottom line: If you need help with something, let us know. While we can’t do everything under the sun, our teams of professionals are here to help your businesses as much as we can.

Please note that rates vary based on request type.

Top 10 Kickstarter Blockbusters

kickstarterbuttonKickstarter’s democratized, all-or-nothing approach to raising capital has made it a top dog in the minds of startups looking to fund creative efforts. By allowing individuals to pledge unspecified amounts of money toward various imaginative projects, it has become an attractive avenue for startups looking to sidestep the venture capitalist and appeal directly to consumers. Since its launch in 2009, over 6 million people have pledged over $1 billion, backing more than 65,000 Kickstarter projects.

In its brief five-year history, Kickstarter has given the world some gems. Here are the top 10 highest-grossing Kickstarter Campaigns:

1.) Pebble Technology | Smartwatch

*Funded: May 18, 2012

*Goal: $100,000

*Raised: $10,266,845

2.) Ouya | Android-based video game console

*Funded: August 9, 2012

*Goal: $950,000

*Raised: $8,596,474

3.) PonoMusic | Digital music store & music player promising studio-quality sound

*Funded: April 15, 2014

*Goal: $800,000

*Raised: $6,255,354

4.) The Veronica Mars Movie Project

*Funded: April 12, 2013

*Goal: $2,000,000

*Raised: $5,702,153

5.) Reading Rainbow | “An interactive library making reading fun for kids”

*Funded: July 2, 2014

*Goal: $1,000,000

*Raised: $5,408,815

6.) Torment: Tides of Numenera | RPG

*Funded: April 5, 2013

*Goal: $900,000

*Raised: $4,188,927

7.) Project Eternity | RPG

*Funded: October 16, 2012

*Goal: $1,100,000

*Raised: $3,986,929

8.) Mighty No. 9 | Action platform video game

*Funded: October 1, 2013

*Goal: $900,000

*Raised: $3,845,170

9.) Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution of Gaming Miniatures | Figurines for games

*Funded: August 25, 2012

*Goal: $30,000

*Raised: $3,429,235

10.) The Micro | Consumer 3D printer

*Funded: May 7, 2014

*Goal: $50,000

*Raised: $3,401,361

So how can you use Kickstarter to get your creative endeavor off the ground? Applying is easy, just visit the Kickstarter website and follow the instructions to start a project. Keys to success: You will need to decide on a realistic funding goal, and shoot a slick video that explains your project and makes your pitch. After that, be sure to spread the word and keep your fingers crossed; the next powerhouse Kickstarter campaign may very well be your own.

Tips For Using Social Media To Find Job Candidates

hiringBy now, I hope we all realize that we should be constantly conducting ourselves on social media as though every person we might ever want to hire us is going to see what we post. Because, odds are, they will. Looking up someone’s social media presence is pretty much the second step after reviewing a resume when considering someone for a position.

That being true, there has been a great deal written about how to craft a personal brand via your social media platforms that will make you appear to be the ideal job candidate (hopefully without making you unbearably boring to your friends and family.) But what about making that employer/candidate connection from the other side? What if you’re a company looking for the perfect new employee – how do you go about leveraging social media to sift through the losers (I mean, let’s be honest) to find your dream candidate?

So glad you asked.

Decide how public you want to be

The most obvious tactic might be to simply post your job opening on LinkedIn, and share the link to the post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and wherever else your company lives online. There’s nothing wrong with doing this. The downside – and what nudges some business owners away from going this route – is that you will likely get an absolute flood of resumes. Some people love the idea of this – choice, hurray! – while others loathe the idea of trying to hire out of such a chaotic, time-consuming situation.

If you decide hitting up social media to shake out all the resumes you can get is the way you want to go, a few points to note:

  • Don’t have them sent to your personal email. Either create a dedicated email address for applicants to send materials to, or set up your email to route all submissions to a particular folder.
  • Consider hiring a recruiter. There’s a reason these people exist – to sort through the pile to bring you just the top candidates.
  • If you are looking to keep your employee search in-house, set up a process: appoint one person (maybe you, maybe someone else) to do the heavy legwork and pull out a short list of the best people for interviews.

If you opt to not publicly broadcast your candidate search

This is where you can take advantage of the fact that a lot of people are on social media almost exclusively to make themselves available, easily found, and appealing to potential employers. Here are ways to do that:

  • Get a premium account on LinkedIn. Honestly, it’s one of the only times when having a premium account is totally worth it. LinkedIn is a giant, glorified job board (sorry, LinkedIn, just accept yourself), and with a premium account, you get to do detailed candidate searches and send messages to people. This bullet point not sponsored by LinkedIn.
  • Ask around. Sounds too old school to be true, but it works. Let’s say you’re looking for a new web developer: ask people in your network who the greatest, most talented web developer is they know. Trust me – they will tell you. Even if the names you get are people with jobs they don’t intent to leave, talented people are magnets for one another – where you find one, you will connect with others.

Things you can do either way

  • Facebook has an option to create a job listings tab on your company page. Having that is somewhere in between actively advertising your candidate search, and keeping it completely off the wire.
  • “Respectful poaching” is a new thing where, as opposed to outright attempting to steal high quality employees from their current companies, you simply reach out to them and let them know that you like their work, think they have a lot to offer, and should they ever decide to consider options for the future, you would be very interested in being part of the discussion. Because that’s really the best thing about social media in terms of finding key hires – being able to follow people over time and pick your moment to go after them.




New Custom Domain Extensions Now Available:

Secure Your Domain Extension Today!

New top-level domains are now available. Now you’ll have more choices when it comes to finding the perfect web address. The new domain name extensions are part of a wide roll-out to create more options for individuals or businesses looking to attract more customers online!


New Top-Level Domains offered by Newtek:

New TLDs

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What’s In A Name?

Let’s face it: it’s hard to stand out in the vast landscape of the Internet of today, especially when it comes to your web address. If your business (like most) was a little slow to the .com game, your URL might leave a lot to be desired. For years, the Internet has been limited to just 22 generic top-level domains like the familiar .com, .net, and .org. Besides country domains (such as .jp for Japan or .ca for Canada), general-purpose domains have been very limited.

Until recently that is. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the organization responsible for Internet governance, is rolling out an effort to massively expand the number of top-level domains (TLDs). These moves should have a dramatic effect on the landscape of the modern Web.

Just so you’re clear, a top-level domain (TLD) – also known as a domain extension – is the last segment of the domain name. A generic top-level domain signifies that the domain extension is widely open for registration to all users. The TLD is the letters immediately following the final dot in an Internet address. The TLD represents a significant element of the domain name, and is one of the key factors in improving the popularity of your site, shaping the image of your online presence, and boosting brand recognition among your audience. The TLD is representative of the domain’s type and purpose.

            In our Internet address, .com is the top-level domain name (domain extension); is the second-level domain name; and webservices is a subdomain name. All together, these constitute a fully qualified domain name (FQDN); the addition of http:// creates a complete URL.

Specialized domain extensions are especially useful when you are in need of alternatives to the domain you want to register. It’s likely that the domain you find most suitable for your website has been taken, and is unavailable for registration. So what do you do? Changing the first part of the domain may not be a welcome idea – you have already spent some time thinking of a truly awesome name that will be both user- and search-engine friendly. With the expansion of TLDs, you are now able to seek out an alternative domain extension without having to forfeit that winning idea.

Who’s making proposals for new extensions? One familiar name, Google, spent an estimated $1.87 million to submit 101 names last year (for example: .android, .youtube, .live); but in theory, anyone could propose a new top-level domain to ICANN – as so long as each proposal comes with a solid business plan and a $185,000 check.

Adding hundreds of generic top-level domains is intended to alleviate pressure on .com and other unrestricted domains. It will be easier for brands to obtain a memorable domain name as the pool of possible addresses is larger, and domain seekers won’t have to compete with the whole world. It could also reduce the misleading use of country codes. Further, hundreds of new domain extensions will expand the Internet namespace, allowing countless new name configurations. This will better connect people to the products, services, and individuals that matter to them.

The variety of TLDs available from Newtek, are an essential part of the services we offer.

Above, you can find detailed information about all new gTLDs that are available and waiting for you. ICANN will eventually add over 1,000 new naming options. The first seven – .bike, .clothing, .guru, .holdings, .plumbing, .singles, and .ventures – are already live, and more will be coming online steadily well into 2015. Astute brand owners will take advantage of these opportunities to push their brand to new heights and carve out their own identity.

If you are a business looking to highlight your core service, or if your business came online too late and missed the opportunity to claim the .com of your dreams, you may be interested in picking up a new address.

Stand out, be seen. Secure your domain today.


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