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It’s 2018 and most people know that having a website for your business is a must! However, what many fail to realize is not all websites are designed for success. Design plays a huge part in many aspects of an online business. Newtek takes the website design process just as seriously as the actual development.

Only great websites convert, and Newtek builds great websites!

There are three main things all great websites contain: clear navigation, conversion driven structure, and screen size adaptability (responsive design).

Clear Navigation

Having clear navigation goes hand in hand with conversion. When potential customers land on your webpage, it must be very clear where they need to go to acquire the information they are seeking. Confusing navigation leads to high bounce rates, which affects both your conversion and potentially your search engine rankings. When search engines see a high bounce rate, they assume your site isn’t relevant to its users.

Conversion Driven Structure

Not only does clear navigation help convert customers, so does the way a website is structured. Newtek pays special attention to where certain aspects of a website should be placed. For example, a call-to-action is only effective if it stands out, contains the right wording, and is placed in such a way to capture the user’s attention.

Screen Size Adaptability (Responsive Design)

Did you know that mobile web browsing including smart phones and tablets, account for nearly 50% of all web traffic? Having a website that can adapt to the screen size of a user is extremely important. Nobody likes to have to pinch and zoom to get to where they are going on a website. Not to mention trying to touch a link that is the size of an ant.

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