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Evernote Raises Prices and Removes Free Features

Evernote, the cloud note service that has been a mainstay on most peoples’ mobile devices for syncing lists, photos, and notes across all of their devices, has made some changes to its pricing structure. The Evernote team has minimized the usability of the free tier and raised the prices on both of its paid plans. Evernote Pricing
Since I learned about Evernote, around 2009, the free option was more than capable for my use. I would typically access notes from a phone, tablet, desktop and laptop. As I moved from student to professional, the amount of devices I found myself carrying only seemed to grow. Now I would need to buy the $35 annual plan which, while not objectively expensive, is a jarring change from functionality I used to get for free.

Having been a happy Evernote customer for a long time, this price change is making me take a look at what the Premium tier plan is really offering, and what kind of alternatives are out there. For both Android users, Google Keep offers almost all of the functionality of Premium Evernote for free, and it uses storage from your free Google Drive (15GB). Apple Notes paired with iCloud are built into pretty much every Apple device, and use iCloud storage to sync across devices. While some features of Evernote Premium aren’t built into either service, there are plenty of free apps on both platforms’ app stores that will match or exceed the functionality of the $70/year plan.

Any existing Evernote Plus and Premium members are being notified as their prices begin to change. Plus members will see a $10/year increase and Premium members will see a $20/year increase. If I were on either plan I would take that extra $20, throw it at more iCloud storage and say goodbye to Evernote. It will certainly be interesting to see the impact this move has on Evernote’s user data, as some free users simply won’t want to pay and won’t be able to use the free plan any longer.