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Resource Cards Makes a Beautiful, Useful Dashboard for Designers

For designers, developers, Resource Cardsand artists, having a good pool of resources is essential to working efficiently. Some people like to use browsers’ bookmarking tools to help save their favorite sites, others simply rely on google searches. I’ve recently started turning to Resource Cards, a simple, no nonsense site with beautiful presentation and easy navigation to the content I need.

Resource Cards makes a nice homepage, with gentle yet distinct design. You are able to select from a large number of resource types, such as Photography (stock photos), Photoshop (PSD project files), and essentials such as fonts, icons, and color themes. There are also sections for WordPress, Bootstrap, HTML CSS & JS, and many more useful web tools.

When you select a category, Resource Cards pulls a list of reputable, mostly free (I haven’t paid for anything while I’ve been using it) providers of the files you’re looking for. You’re then taken to their sites so you can browse and look for exactly what you need, but Resource Cards is still just a back arrow away (much quicker than a new google search if you decide to go from Fonts to WordPress themes).

I set Resource Cards as my default homepage in my browser, so it’s always there when I start up a new window. check out Resource Cards at and never waste time digging through search results for your design resources again.