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Google Releases New Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Google has been working hard to get website owners to Mobile Phone Friendlyswitch their sites to mobile-friendly design. Since the update that factors mobile friendliness in search engine results, it has become more important for small businesses to keep their sites up to this standard. Google has provided a tool for several years to allow you to check to see if a site was mobile friendly, but they recently released a material design-influenced reiteration of it.


Trying really hard not to turn this into a UX blog, but once again an updated UI has made it easier to use and understand the information provided by the service. The tool itself is now mobile friendly, and matches the design of Google’s other applications.

Mobile Friendly Test

If you haven’t, check your site’s design at and if you aren’t sure how to make the changes suggested, contact our specialists at 877-323-4678.