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Have You Updated to WordPress 4.5?

The newest core version of WordPress is 4.5.1, but a staggering 80.9% of users are on versions 4.4 and lower. Along with the advantage of having up-to-date security and bug fixes, WordPress 4.5 arrived with a variety of new features to make editing, moderating, and managing your site easier.
This article will detail some of the big features of the new update, so read on if you’re unsure about updating!

Note: to update WordPress, you can do so through Softaculous in cPanel (if you’re on a Linux plan and installed WordPress through Softaculous). You can also download WordPress 4.5.1 and install it manually here.

Theme Logo Support

Some WordPress themes have allowed users to import their logo, and the theme handled placement and sizing etc. In WordPress 4.5, this is a core feature and instead of paying for a premium theme, users will be able to import their logos through the theme customizer.
Logo Support
Themes still need to support logos, but having this as a core feature will likely encourage theme developers to include it in their themes. Bringing your logo over across themes will be easier as well, as they’re saved in WordPress’s menu rather than the folder that the theme uses.

Improvements to Visual Editor

WordPress’ new features in the visual editor streamline the writing process. There have been some new shortcuts and improvements to existing shortcuts to make creating content even more enjoyable.

Inline Link Editor

The CTRL+K shortcut allows you to create a hyperlink on the text your cursor is currently on. With the 4.5 update, the window that used to pop up to edit the hyperlink is being replaced with an inline link editor. This makes the experience less abrasive and, from my observations, a bit faster.

Old Link Editor:
WordPress Link Editor Old
New Link Editor:
WordPress Link Editor New

Improved Comment Moderation

Filtering through spam comments is just one of the many joys that WordPress users experience when they post content to their blogs/sites. When you receive a comment on WordPress (pre-4.5), you receive an email with a link that takes you to a screen that lets you see the comment details and either approve or reject the comment from being posted. The screen is rather unsightly, showing html formatting as the actual code rather than the formatted text.


Moderate Comment 4.4 and 4.5

The 4.5 fixes this with support for formatted text in the moderation screen. You may also edit comments if you’re concerned about a comment containing contact information, language, or links that you might not want displayed on your site.


Responsive Previews

With the world moving towards mobile devices, responsive design is becoming increasingly prevalent across all of the internet. WordPress 4.5 gives you the ability to preview your site’s design on 3 different devices while working in the customizer. You can switch between the (general) aspect ratio and screen size of a desktop, tablet, and smartphone with a single click.

Responsive Preview WordPress 4.5

Responsive Image Scaling Improvements

WordPress has had built in image scaling (for scaling a picture from desktop screens to mobile without reducing quality) since 4.4. The 4.5 update improves upon this feature by allowing images to be scaled to as little as 50% of the original image size without any noticeable loss in quality