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The New Macbook: It’s Pink! … and That’s It.

The Original2016 Macbook

Apple’s 12” Macbook is a great travel laptop. It’s lighter than a Macbook Air and, unlike any iPad, can run full desktop versions of applications.

The complaints with the original Macbook were focused around the sometimes sluggish performance when working in processor-intensive apps. Its Intel Core M processor packs just enough punch to handle browsing, office document editing, and streaming, but is underpowered enough to leave a clear line for what makes a “Pro” user. The Macbook features a single USB-C port for data, power and video. While an awkward transition for people used to using several usb ports, dedicated power and multiple video ports like on the Macbook Pro, many users reported growing to appreciate the minimal approach to the laptop.

The Refresh

Here we are a year later and Apple has refreshed the Macbook with a new version of the same processor, yielding slightly better performance and battery life. Apple is also now offering the Macbook in rose gold, to match the new color of the iPhone 6s. Apple changed little else on the new version of the laptop, and made last year’s model available refurbished for about $200 less than retail.

The Verdict

If you already purchased a 2015 Macbook, the refresh doesn’t seem like a justifiable upgrade with only slightly improved performance. If you’re interested in picking up your first Macbook, unless you’re dead set on the rose gold one, maybe look at a refurbished model and save yourself a couple hundred dollars. It is likely that the Macbook will be replacing the Air entirely in Apple’s laptop lineup, so hopefully before that happens we will see a little more processing power from the machines in the coming years.