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Advantages of Solid State Drives

Solid state technology isn’t new, but making the switch for dedicated and virtual servers ssd-drivehasn’t happened as rapidly as it has for desktop and personal computers. Newtek is making it easier than ever to host sites on solid state drive-based servers with the Linux SSD VPS. Starting at $5, they are a perfect alternative to shared hosting plans and will scale to meet your needs as your business grows. But why switch, and what makes solid state drives better than traditional spinning hard drives?

Nobody likes to wait. Whether you’re shopping online or just browsing the internet to kill time, studies have shown that if you have to wait more than a second for a webpage to load, you are far more likely to go back and look at a different site than to wait around much longer. Increasing speeds on your site means increasing your conversion rate for web visitors. Solid state drives perform at roughly 100 times faster than a hard drive when accessing data.The scalable resources on our SSD VPS’s can also increase RAM and CPU allocations on the fly, guaranteeing the best performance for your application, website, or stored data.

As the name implies, solid state drives have no moving parts. Compared to a hard drive’s spinning platters and magnetic arms, the solid state drive has a much less likely rate of failure. Hard drive failures also increase dramatically over time, so the older your drive is the more likely you become to have a critical failure, resulting in data loss, downtime, and the expense of a new drive. If you haven’t had any issues on your current hard drive, consider yourself lucky and make the switch to an SSD now to guarantee you don’t have to deal with a bad drive!

Solid state drives require less energy to power. In a desktop or laptop, this means you get lower electricity bills and better battery life. In a datacenter, lower energy consumption means better performance, the ability to provide larger capacity data storage, and reduced carbon footprint.


Solid state drives are beneficial both in the consumer world and the hosting world. SSD storage means better performance and longevity for your site or online business. If you’ve made the switch to solid-state storage in your own computer, it’s time to make that same switch for your hosted technology. If you haven’t switched on your own devices yet, let Newtek show you the difference they make with a $5 SSD VPS, available now.