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Adobe Experience Design CC Preview

Adobe’s Creative Cloud applications are a mainstay for designers and developers around the world. Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator help people create and publish graphics and websites, but there hasn’t ever been a product that focuses on user experience in the Creative Cloud. Project Comet was the codename for Adobe’s entry into the UX design world, and it now has an official title and preview available for Mac OS X. Say hello to Adobe Experience Design CC.
Adobe Experience Design Marquee
Experience Design (abbreviated as XD) is for creating a unique and powerful user experience in your site or application. While design is important for UX, a tool like Experience Design will focus more on the actual interaction with your design. XD comes with tools focusing on gestures, transitions, and elements for your app or website.

In the preview there are two tabs to work in: Design and Prototype. Adobe Experience Design IndexDesign is about building the pages, galleries, and content that your finished product will use. Prototype allows you to map out the navigation of your app. You can then share a live preview with anyone to try out your project, making it easy to get feedback.

Experience Design is in preview right now on Mac OS X, with a Windows preview coming soon. All of the features that will be in the final version are not available in the preview, but the roadmap on Adobe’s site is looking very promising. To keep up with new features or to get your preview of Experience Design CC, head to Adobe’s website.