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UsabilityHub Suite: The Final Verdict on Your UI

Designing a website that looks good is a big undertaking. You need a design that works objectively, not just to you. The functionality of that site can be even more difficult to decide upon. After hours of design choices and working with your site, a UI feature that makes perfect sense to you might not be as obvious to somebody who has never seen it before.

UsabilityHub looks to help make those critical design decisions a little more clear for you or your designer with their suite of UI tests. You upload your design to their site and they present it to a number of people to answer questions, try to complete an action or simply choose which design they prefer.

Five Second Test

The first test I tried was the five second test. If the visitor doesn’t know what Five Second Testyour site is about in the first five seconds, chances are you’ve already lost them. The way the test works is after you upload your design, it will present it to the people taking the test for a total of 5 seconds. They have to take in as much about the site as possible, then answer a series of questions about what they remember about the site, what they like and what they don’t like. As a designer, this helps you make sure your design is clear enough to capture the attention of your would-be customers quickly, and maximizing the number of conversions on your site.

First Click Test

The first click test makes sure the product, feature, or page you want people to click is as First Clickobvious to navigate to as you think it is. You upload an image of your site, and give the testers a task to complete. In the example on UsabilityHub’s site, they use and ask testers “Where would you click to register for Prime?” The user gets one click to find the objective and you get the feedback on where they clicked. If you have a question about if a UI decision is intuitive or not, this will be the test for you.

Navflow TestNavFlow

Navflow is similar to the first click test, but instead of one click you as the designer set up multiple “hit zones” and the user must navigate your site to complete the task. It’s hard to overstate how critical it is that your website is easy to navigate, and this is the test to guarantee the UI makes it easy for your customers. Instead of a heat map, you get results of how far through your task they were able to navigate.

Question TestQuestion Test

This test is like the five second test, but untimed. Where the five second test is about making sure your site’s purpose is quickly recognizable and the information can be digested quickly, the question test allows you to ask questions that will require a more thorough look at your site.

Preference Test

As eaPreference Testsy as UI questions can be, the preference test lets you upload two designs and ask a question related to the two. If you have two designs for a logo, homepage, or form that you can’t decide between, this test lets you get objective feedback from real users.



The best feedback you can get on your site comes from use. You may have a design that looks great and you think is functional, but if that design goes live and it turns out what makes sense to you doesn’t translate to most users, that’s lost revenue from your site’s potential sales (and chances are if they didn’t like your site the first time, they won’t be back). UsabilityHub’s tools ensure you make informed design decisions that maximize the accessibility of your site. Check out their products at