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Keeping Up With the Drones’s

pocketdrone-0Recently, drones seem to be a reoccurring theme within the realm of technology. And until now, the idea of obtaining a drone for personal use has been one of science fiction. However, recent breakthroughs suggest that this idea is much more plausible in the near future than some may have thought. The media has already deemed 2014, “the year of the drone” and have attempted to capture the imaginations of the public. In the past, only governments and big corporations possessed the capabilities to see the world from an aerial perspective. Now, the Pocket Drone produced by Air Droids affords the everyday consumer that same ability.

The Pocket Drone is a flying robot which can carry high quality cameras (Go Pros, etc.) into the sky in order to obtain vantage points of everyday life, previously unimaginable (or at least inaccessible) to everyday “Joes.” Compact size and an ergonomic folding frame allow this product to fit comfortably into a cargo pants pocket. Additionally, the device comes stacked with convenient features, making it more advanced (and curiously more affordable than any of its commercial market competitors.

Users can pilot the Pocket Drone with a radio controller, tablet, or simply activate the autopilot feature enabled through GPS. Users can also link up with Google maps and direct the device to a specific location of choice. When there is no destination in mind, “dronies” can simply activate the “follow me” feature allows the drone to follow them hands free (obviously).

For anyone looking to capture moments from sporting events to everyday hobbies (hiking, biking, surfing etc.), this ultra cool device can raise the fun-meter considerably. Its ability to help consumers relive such moments, coupled with its undeniable cool factor, seems to be the real selling point – particularly as it’s offered at a relatively affordable price.

It is the only drone, currently on the market, with the capability to carry a camera for up to 20 minutes (nearly 2x’s longer than competitors) for under $500. President of Air Droids, Timothy Reuter, offered, “Flying robots are just awesome, and now everyone can have one.”

Yes, please.